Introducing Happiness from Elysium

Hey we're Rachael & Liz. We met and started working together over 25 years ago and became business partners in 1998.

Those that already know us will know we're like chalk and cheese and the French & Saunders of the Beauty Industry. Life's not worth living if you can't have a giggle, care about others, make people feel good about themselves, spread a little love and put a smile on the faces of those around you.

As the Beauty Industry has been hit massively through the Covid19 pandemic and the salon has been closed more than open since March 2020, we have continued to reach out to our clients and keep our ethos alive.

From doing this Happiness from Elysium was born.

Supporting our clients as well as other independent businesses. We hope you will follow and enjoy our Instagram page


and love what we have to offer during the current climate.


Rachael & Liz 



Sunshine Happiness Set


Chocolate Truffles @taylord truffles

Dinky Candle @hollys house

Sweet Pea Seeds @british garden centres

Spongelle Body Wash Buffer

Clarins Discovery Size Cleanser

Selection of Skincare Trials

only £15.00